sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2007

AMSN 0.97

El pasodo 27 de Diciembre, fue liberada la nueva version del AMSN en su version 0.97 con importantes mejoras..

Dear aMSN Users,
Merry Christmas! We've had a busy year here at the aMSN project, and are proud to announce the release of aMSN 0.97. After almost a year of extensive testing, aMSN 0.97 is finally available for you to download on Windows, Mac OS X (10.4+), and Linux/BSD.
0.97 is our best and most stable release to date. It includes numerous feature enhancements, such as a new contact list, offline messaging, voice clips, and a brand new default skin.
We're sorry to announce that MSN Spaces support is not included with this release, due to a late protocol change by M$, that means our (reverse) implementation is now broken.
Downloads are available in the downloads section of our site, or from our release page on sourceforge.net.
The aMSN Team

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